Friday, June 19, 2009

Germanischer Lloyd Certifies Sinn Diver's Watches

What does a Shipping Certification company, Germanischer Lloyd, have to do with a Watch Manufacturer from Frankfurt am Main?

Founded in 1867, the hamburg based company is responsible for the technical safety of more than 5,700 ocean-going vessels, setting international standards in maritime. This venerable institute examines and certifies our diver's watches - according to various criterias: One test focuses on watertightness and pressure resistance, while a second test procedure covers something never before done in the watchmaking industry: certification in accordance with the European standards for diving equipment! For full article, please click on the page.

(Dont play play ok. These guys are very serious about that chunk of metal on your wrist)

Friday, June 12, 2009

The New Sinn U1 White

The Hour Glass & Sinn launched the limited edition Sinn U-Black last year. We know, we know, 399pcs worldwide only for such a gorgeous piece is bound to create some ownership rivalry, and a big pity for those who would have liked one but didn't manage to (I know that feeling, because I couldnt get my hands on a piece either.. .staff also have to queue). Floating around the blog-sphere are still many entries and photos from the U-Black party we hosted.

Well, we have some news: Anyone wants a WHITE to accompany their Black? In a move that may take some fans by surprise, the usually staid black Sinn has reinvented itself and come up with a bold white twin - Sinn U White! (Ok, the official name is U1 W).

Are you a Black or White? You decide.
Sinn U1 with All-Black Tegimented Case

- Submarine steel case with Tegiment technology and black hard coating
- Case back made of submarine steel, screwed-down with Tegiment technology and black hard coating
- Automatic winding
- 1000 meters water resistance
- Uni-directional ratchet operated rotating bezel
- Case diameter 44 mm
- Case thickness 14.35 mm
- Lug width 22mm
- White rubber with black folding clasp
- 2 years manufacturers limited warranty

There are no confirmed number of pieces yet, BUT we know the U1 W is VERY limited. As it is a Sinn worldwide edition and not solely for The Hour Glass (unlike U Black), we will have to fight tooth and nail with other countries to get as many pieces as we can for our dedicated SINNers.

We will be updating you as soon as we get more information.

Watch this space.

View our on-line library of Sinn watches - click on "Sinn Timepieces Library by THG" on the right column.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We Heart Sinn 2009/2010 Catalogue - its in English!

It is here! Now available at The Hour Glass boutiques in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Bring this A5 sized hard-cover monochromatic book to any gathering not involving immediate family members below 15 years old and its guaranteed to warrant some instant page-turning action with a slight trembling of fingers. Why? Coz its Dangerous. Where else can you find such a cool-looking, handy book that just about lists out the newest of Sinn 2009 / 2010 in full glossy appeal...and English?
The first English version to hit our shores since 2005/2006, the latest Sinn 2009/2010 Catalogue is an easy-to-read product guide, complete with a technological glossary of Sinn's proprietary research and development work, and real life examples of Sinns in action eg. The U2 in the realm of eternal ice.
Unfortunately, given the limited copies we have available, we are unable to mail a copy to everyone. However, all are welcome to visit your nearest The Hour Glass boutique to claim your copy. (please click here for the list of The Hour Glass boutiques)

We leave you here with
Words from The Man himself, Mr. Lothar Schmidt, CEO, Sinn. Very succinct indeed.

Our customers trust the quality, reliability and proven performance of our timepieces. They include people who have a high affinity for technology. They are fascinated, for example, by our solutions for magnetic field protection and scratch resistance. However, our customers also include those who must be able to rely on their watch completely, such as divers, pilots or elite special forces units like the German GSG 9.

It’s functionality that counts. Therefore SINN watches include only truly useful technological features and omit purely fashionable gadgetry.

Thus we are always on the lookout for new technologies and materials. We often find inspiration by looking beyond the usual sources. We observe the developments in the sciences and other industries and push the limits of what is physically possible time and again in creating new watches. What’s the most exciting thing about our work? There are still many discoveries to be made!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thank You

The Hour Glass office was witness to some whooping early in the morning this week. That is because our Sinn Club team saw the first of many emails from you, yes, our new SINNers! This is just a brief note to thank you for your active support and rallying; some friends also sent encouraging sms-es to us. Being relatively new to this realm of blogging, we appreciate any feedback to Due to the number of responses, we may be a little slow in getting back to you but rest assured that we've got you!

Do check out our informal little ON-LINE LIBRARY of Sinn watches that you can find at our stores. Click on the link for "Sinn Timepieces Library by THG" at the right-hand bar. There, you will see real pictures of watches complete with unadulterated specifications that will propel you to technie heaven...

Monday, June 1, 2009


We have moved!

As some of you may know, our Peninsula Plaza boutique has been a cornerstone of The Hour Glass for over two decades. Considering that we were established in 1979, PP, as we affectionately call the branch, was one of our original The Hour Glass stores. There it stood, quietly and elegantly in the corner of North Bridge road and Coleman street, toiling through the times. Now, the time has come for PP to have a fresh new look, where our customers can be served better. Hence it is so that last Friday, the faithful team, led by Steven Lim (whose familiar face cannot be missed at PP, where he rose from young rookie to boutique manager), "packed their bags" and moved to the new Orchard Central mall. If you drive down Orchard Road later today, do keep a look out for us on the right-hand side, directly opposite Centrepoint. You can't miss us!

We are proud to announce a new, bigger, better Sinn brand corner at our new Orchard Central branch. Come visit us!

Orchard Central Boutique
181 Orchard Road
#01-06 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6337 8309